Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Miss My Interrupting Chelsea

Alex: Oh, I love looking at old pictures.
Chelsea: man me too
Alex: I mean, as if my wall didn't have enough.
Alex: I just found one from Christmas here and my friend (future roommie) Kristyne is holding on to me and my friend Anne is trying to get my dress over my head because I fell in the mud. I had clothes on underneath, but the Egypt dress from senior year was too small under the bust and therefore I needed asistance trying to get it off after I slipped and fell on my ass in the mud.
Chelsea: that sounds like a fabulous picture
Alex: It's funny.
Alex: I think it's in the profile album.
Chelsea: im going to go look
Alex: Okay, I'm going to go to the pub to get lunch and rewrite this skit.
Chelsea: you know what alex
Alex: What?
Chelsea: i wish you lived here and went to UD
Alex: Sorry, dear, that's what makes my visits more fun.
Chelsea: and im not sure about the groups
Alex: I would live with you, but I can't!
Chelsea: I would so be your roommate
Alex: Well, if you're up for a 4.5 hour commute...
Chelsea: eff no

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