Friday, February 22, 2008

Jam Band Friday

Obviously, the first order of business for the night was the Jimkata concert at Castaways. Driving there was an experience, because Kristyne has no navigational skills. We then drove past it and 3 subsequent turn arounds because Ryan and Kristyne didn't believe that the tiny little rowhouse on the water by the restaurant was the club. We went in, payed our $7, got the indelible ink drawn on our hands, and decided to chill out at the table, wait for Amanda and Matt and Kristin to show up, and take horrible horrible pictures of ourselves until the band actually started.
Then the concert started.

The first thing I noticed wasn't the band. It was one of their groupies, a tall, slim, and highly intoxicated young lady falling out of her tank top. I almost got smacked several times by her wild monkey arms. She then proceeded to block my view and make out with a few girls and a few guys. I was kind of expecting the wild dancing because Jimkata is in the "jam band" genre. I also expected the pot smoking (just not inside the club, it smelled like skunk).
The band themselves were awesome, great style, the lead singer has a fantastic voice, the drummer is awesome, and the basists were just as fantastic. The atmosphere was really fun and young, other than the jammy grammy behind us in the crowd. We opted not to stay for U-Melt (as half the club opted not to do) and decided to go back to the Terraces to get food (which we really have to stop doing, it's a waste of money and belly space in my jeans), where we had the following enlightened conversation at 1:13 in the morning:
Me: Why the fuck is that french fry green?
Matt: Because it's celery.
Me: Oh.
Oh, it's been a long night.

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