Sunday, May 4, 2008

Men vs. Women: Gender Misidentification

So to set up the situation. I have set up an interview with the administrator of California's Charter School organization. I e-mail her a few times, and I get an e-mail back saying that she can't focus on an e-mail interview (understandable) and that I should call her at 8 AM EST (Ugh, but I'll do it). But at the beginning of the e-mail, she calls me Andrew.
Now I understand, I've been mistaken for a guy before with the nickname Alex, it's nothing new. But this administrator didn't have the time to read the name at the end of the e-mail? I'm severely insulted.

Men: Dave Pizzuto
Me: So this chick I have to interview? She called me Andrew.
Me: I've sent her 3 e-mails now.
Me: My name has been on all of them.
Me: My name is not Andrew, nor do I have male genitalia.
Me: I'm rather insulted and if I didn't need this administrator's comment for this story, I wouldn't even bother.
Dave: That's...embarassing.
Dave: And by embarassing, I mean terrible.
Me: I know!
Me: I got brushed off and called by another name!
Me: I mean, I'm used to people mistaking me for a dude when I say Alex.
Me: But she called me ANDREW.
Me: After 3 e-mails where I identified myself as Alex or Alexandra.
Dave: Either she's a moron or she doesn't read well. Either way, she probably shouldn't be in an administrative position.

Women: Brooke Aldrich
Me: So this lady I have to interview in California can't e-mail me the answers and I have to call her at 8 AM tomorrow morning.
Me: And she called me Andrew.
Me: My name isn't Andrew, it's Alexandra like it says in the 3 e-mails I sent her.
Me: Nor do I have male genitalia.
Brooke: lawl
Me: I'm severely insulted.
Brooke: I would be too
Me: Like, my school e-mail has my name attached.
Me: So it comes up with Alexandra.
Me: So it's not really unobvious that I'm a girl.
Me: Now I understand when I get mistaken for a guy when I use Alex, it's happened before.
Me: But she didn't even call me that, she called me Andrew.
Brooke: yea
Brooke: that's a big "wtf, you definitely didn't pay attention at all"

Men: Matt Biddle
Me: I mean, I understand if she mistakes me for a guy when I use Alex, it's happened many times before and sometimes people will be more inclined to talk to you if you're a guy.
Me: But she didn't just call me a guy, she called me another guy's name.
So she doesn't care AND she is under the false impression that I am in posession of a dick.
Matt: yeah, i would be pissed, too. plus, she probably isn't THAT busy. i mean, nobody except maybe the presidential candidates are THAT busy.
to not properly read a name.
Me: See, that's what I figure.
Me: In your inbox, it says the name that comes with the e-mail account, which in this case is Alexandra Palombo.
Matt: yeah, true. that makes it even worse. i forgot about that.
Me: Yeah.
Matt: yeah, that sucks, i'm sorry.
Me: It's okay, I was planning on straightening her out over the phone.
Matt: being, like hello this is ALEXANDRA.
Me: I was planning on doing so.
Matt: good choice.

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