Monday, May 11, 2009

House Season 5 Finale. Let's Discuss

So if you haven't watched, fuck it, this is full of spoilers.

I'm a shameless fan of House getting together with Cuddy. If you're a troll in fan forums, it would be referred to as "Huddy." And last week, when the BoGirls and I were watching the episode, The two were up against the door getting hot and heavy. Which was hot.

To the point where we were almost breaking quiet hours yelling "HI-OH!" at the TV.

Turns out the whole thing was hallucinated. He didn't have her lipstick, he wasn't taking off her clothes, and he's not clean and sober. He was going nuts and still popping pills.

Now the whole dream ending has been done before (including House itself, season 2), but this I thought was surprisingly well done. Even though the sex was fake (I still have hope it'll happen at some point for real), it was a really good ending and satisfying to see him end up in the loony bin. Which, apparently, was really shot in Jersey, unlike the rest of the show. I agree with Kristyne, the Cameron/Chase wedding was a sweeps staple and kind of boring. And Kutner showing up was a bit much (even though I love me some Kal Penn), Amber was all that was needed. But the rest of it was great.

The downside of all this is, of course, that I have to wait until September to see what exactly happens to House.

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