Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ice Cream, STAT!

There are times when you can really see how dull Delaware is on a Saturday night, and how little is happening out there. Tonight was one of those nights.

Corinne and I decided to go to Woodside Creamery, because we were craving ice cream (and because it's arguably the best in the area, because they make their own from the milk from the cows they keep on the same farm). So we grabbed her two friends that were helping her with her project and drove over. The line wasn't too bad, and we got our ice cream pretty quick. I even ran into Mary while I was there.

We then see the Mill Creek Ambulance and the emergency services truck pull up one right after the other to the gravel driveway. We start looking around for a crowd of people, or some sort of emergency. Was there a fire? Car accident? Had someone had a heart attack, or started seizing? The sirens weren't on, what was going on?

No. The paramedics just had a case of the munchies, and took a field trip—in the ambulance, with emergency services truck in tow—to go get some ice cream. There are probably hundreds of emergencies around the area, like kids celebrating the end of finals at UD with some good old fashioned alcohol poisoning, and the paramedics are here at Woodside getting some peppermint chocolate chip.

Ah, Delaware. How I missed your dullness.

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