Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Bathroom Wall

Dave: We have these big graffiti walls that they put up sometimes. They're basically big hunks of plywood that they stick over by one of the dining halls and they even supply spray paint.
Dave: Some weeird things wind up on there.
Me: Sounds like our guard backdrops.
We used to write messages to each other on the back, and it started turning into the bathroom wall.
The middle one was pretty scandalous.
Dave: There's a bathroom wall here that says 'Vandalism is LAME!'
Me: That's kind of funny.
Me: There was one at Charter that had a running story that people added to.
Even though someone wrote "And u freakin GAY" at the end, the next person kept going with that and said something about going on Ellen.
That line may have been from a guy that snuck in, since that's the sort of thing on most bathroom walls.
Dave: And my sister's named Ellen, so that's kinda sketchy.
Me: No, not your sister.
Me: They meant the gay talk show host.
Dave: Oh, that Ellen.
Me: Yes.
Me: Not your sister.
Dave: That's good to know.
Me: Yeah.
Dave: We have one semi running story in the cracks in the wall talking about 42 and how it's not 6x9.
Me: Oh goodness.
Right next to it is a few lines commanding the guy using the urinal it's in front of to 'look at the other guy's penis. DO IT'
Dave: That always makes me chuckle, since no guy would EVER do that.

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