Monday, April 28, 2008

Issues of the Utmost Importance

Dave: If you're still working and want me to shut up so you can concentrate, just say so and I'll make like a tree and leave.
Dave: (Couldn't think of anything less cliched.)
Me: I'm not working, I'm actually trying to caption and upload pictures.
Dave: Ahhh...important work. I see, I see.
Me: Oh, my life's goal.
Dave: What goal could be nobler than the documentation of one's and one's friends' lives on Facebook?
Me: There are a few.
Dave: (Ok, I can think of a few...)
Me: Curing cancer...
Me: World peace...
Me: Figuring out what the hokey pokey really is all about...
Dave: Net neutrality...
Dave: XD
Me: I mean really, left foot in or out? Make up your mind, goddamn it.
Dave: And why stop at the left foot?
Me: I know!
Dave: There's a whole body to shake all out.
Me: Such an indecisive dance.
Dave: And what is 'it' that you shake out, anyway?
Me: I know!
Me: It boggles my mind.
Dave: I can just see it: Philosophy 420: The Hokey Pokey: What it's All About.

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