Thursday, April 3, 2008

Men vs. Women: Raspy Cold-Induced Voices

I'm starting a new segment on the blog called Men vs. Women, and their opinions on things. In this case, Dave and Julez. We were discussing how people feel about raspy voices from colds, and if they sound better than the average. Let's look.
Me: Because of all the ups and downs in weather now I'm sick.
Dave: Yes, truly horrible.
Me: Just a cold, but still, I'm all stuffed up.
Me: People said I sounded better than usual.
Me: Which...I didn't know how to take.
Dave: I had that a few days ago, when it was enough of spring that my allergies decided to remind me they're still around.
Me: Yup.
Dave: That' odd compliment. I'd be really confused too.
Me: I've gotten it before.
Me: Apparently I have a raspier voice when I'm HACKING UP A LUNG.
Me: Go figure.
Dave: I never would have guessed that.

Me: But I have a cold.
Me: And apparently guys think I sound sexier with it.
Me: I have a raspy voice now, and they're like, "It's kinda hot."
Julez: lol!
Me: Meaning, I sound like shit usually.
Julez: the huskiness
Me: I guess.
Julez: i dunno
Me: It's a few of my guy friends that told me.
Julez: the summer after me and alex were going out i lost my voice for a while
when i called him he was like....that sounds sexy
Julez: i was like....i lost my voice. it's horrible.
Julez: and he's like...if you get it back....can you still talk like that?
Julez: >_<
Julez: i don't get it
Julez: boys are special

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