Friday, April 3, 2009

A Tale of Two Seminars

I'm torn.

Some of you probably know that I was planning on taking the Seminar on Welfare States with Arroyo this coming fall. It sounded interesting, it's a class about Europe the semester before I plan on going to somewhere in the EU (I Can Has London?), and I really like the teacher.

I just got an e-mail back from my international communications advisor Lustyik (who I also really like) that said I may be able to substitute a Geomedia seminar with her senior TVR seminar "From Disney to Nollywood". This sounds most excellent. And I really need this to finish up the minor. The problem is, it says I must be a TVR major, and with only 15 seats, it's going to fill up. And unfortunately, the two seminars overlap in times.

My thoughts.

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