Friday, January 23, 2009

She's Back!...To Rip on ER

Can I poll the tens of loyal readers to see who actually watches ER here?

I've been watching a lot of entertainment television lately (E!News, which really needs to lay off the Twilight and Miley coverage) and they've been talking up ER and its impending series finale. Keep in mind that this show has been on 12 seasons now, and has hosted the likes of vintage-hot John "Uncle Jesse" Stamos, Shane "That Kid from Once and Again" West and George "I'm Not Your Pal, Friend" Clooney.
After running for 12 years, the show would come second to "The Simpsons" to be one of the longest primetime television shows in history.

But seriously, who watches this show?

There are four major network medical shows on television right now: ER (NBC), House (FOX), Grey's Anatomy (ABC), and Scrubs (ABC). One features a relationship between a resident and her dead fiancee, one is on its last season because even its main star and producer acknowledges it's not great anymore, one has talented and funny actors with interesting storylines, and one is ER.

So I want to hear back: What medical dramedy do you watch? And if you were near death, which hospital would you want to be admitted to?

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justinemarie said...

Seriously, EVERY TIME I see an ER commercial, I wonder who still watches the show. And the commercials don't even make it look good. Then I wonder who would still WANT to watch the show. Then I think about how awesome LOST is, and I feel better.

I used to watch House. I love that show but I didn't start watching it from the beginning and I watch so many other shows that poor House was pushed off my TiVo Season Pass. I will catch up eventually! To answer your second question, I would totally want House to be my doctor, because I know whatever I'd end up having, it would not be Lupus.