Monday, January 26, 2009

This Newfangled "Class Blogging"

I have to admit, I've never really blogged about anything important before (I know, vhat?!).

So when our Politics of Security in East Asia professor told us that we were required to post to a master blog following each reading as an assignment was somewhat intimidating.

I like to blog, don't get me wrong. Any excuse to talk to a ton of people at once is a good one in my book - especially if it involves a subject I'm passionate about (not always deep issues or important topics, but sometimes). But blogging, in my eyes, has always been more of a hobby than something that should be graded. It's a good way to keep everything together, and to introduce a new information-sharing medium. But the whole reason why I blog in the first place is so that I can rant and rave about stupid things that happened to me, or TV or movies that I liked. I've never had to blog about security issues and what I think Japan should do in the event of a nuclear war, you know?

(Although if asked, I would think that Japan would know what to do now in the event of being bombed. I don't mean that to be rude, I mean that as a fact.They got hit twice 60 years ago and certainly don't need some spoiled college kid telling them to drop the sushi and run like hell)

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