Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What the UGG?

If you know me at all personally, you know my stance on UGG boots - and, in addition, the fake UGG boots, hereafter known as FUGGs.

So you know I'm completely biased when I write this post, in that I think that UGG is short for UGGly. They're not waterproof, and they're not that cute (unless my now 17 year old sister wears them - Hi, Corinne!). Resident Australian Stephanie told me last year that they were meant to be worn by surfers that wanted to warm up after getting out of the cold cold Pacific Ocean.

So I generally make fun of the haggers (girls who wear UGG boots, leggings as pants, and North Face fleeces. Side ponytail and cell phones are add-on features to this growing breed) for wearing them, not because I'm jealous, but because of the Crocs factor: no matter how comfortable they are, they still look pretty fugly.

But today while doing laundry at about 10 AM, I found an even rarer bird: The ever-elusive MALE hagger.

He wears gym shorts, a sweaty t-shirt, a winter jacket, and a baseball cap cocked slightly askew. He looks like your average college "bro," but instead of sneakers or Adidas sandals with black socks...he wears girly UGG boots.

My day is complete.

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