Thursday, March 20, 2008

Anne Almost LOST Her Mind

Tonight was odd in the way that there was no Simple Soup Supper like usual at chapel. And I didn't go to Holy Thursday mass because my class got out late. So I instead went back to my room to finish my Freud paper (see the last post for some details on that one) and figure out where I would be watching LOST (or if I would be watching it). Originally, I was going to watch it with Matt, Amanda, and Kristin. But as it turns out, Anne was just going to be "A little bit late," which in this case meant that she wasn't back until the beginning of Eli Stone. Kelly graciously hosted me in their room to watch the show - she intended on watching it anyway, so the two of us actually got to talk during it since Kristyne was out watching Miss Pettigrew (see a few posts ago for my review of it) and Anne was photo-ing.

So since they both were not there - and really, Anne is obsessed and takes it very seriously - Kelly and I decided to mess with her and Kristyne because they weren't there. This was the text message to her:
Sawyer is dead. Kate and Claire made a love pact that Kate would take care of Aaron. They kissed.
The text message to Anne was simpler: Sawyer is dead.
About 20 minutes and 5 frantic text messages later, we get a jittery and distressed phone call from Anne, asking if it was true. I laughed and hung up. She next called Kelly, who was calmer and told Anne that Sawyer was dead and that Miles had shot him.
It was quite effective. She continued to text for the remainder of the hour until we finally texted her and told her it was complete bullshit and Sawyer was safe and sound (for this week, at least).
She came back about a half hour later and gave us hugs, admitting that had we not told her the truth (or had Sawyer actually died and had we ruined it for her), she fully intended on coming through the door and punching us both in our respective jaws.
So here's to you, Anne. Thank you for not punching us in the jaws.
Krystine is still pissed.

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