Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kymera, Kymera, WHAT?

So after that lengthy trip home (see the previous blog to see how that one went), Chelsea & Isha & I decided that the best way to celebrate spring break was to join in on a guard competition. We got there around 9:30, just in time to see the athletic director, Mr. Kelly, reem out Rena & Michelle yet again for "not reserving the time for the gym." I decided to chat up the girls around the floor as they fought (again; this is a common issue. The athletic directors don't have respect for the guard, and when they reserve the gym for practice, they are traditionally bumped in favor of Science Olympiad or something else that could easily use a lab or the lobby) and take copious amounts of pictures, which you can find on my Facebook page as the last 4 albums.
Yes. 4. And yes, I do have a problem.
Moving on.

In addition to being a competition day - the competition being at Kingsway Regional in Swedesboro, NJ - it was also Claire's birthday (I believe it was her 17th, but I couldn't tell you for sure). After taking a quick "pony ride" at Happy Harry's (a rocking horse), Rena & Michelle ordered pizzas and revealed that they had bought a birthday cake with Bob Saget on the top - a lovely touch if I may say so myself (this all started when Claire & Kylie saw his name in Abington at a competition last year, and he quickly became the doer of all good and sexy in the world).

After enjoying all that - and a few acrobatics to add in - we loaded up the bus and went to Swedesboro (and the girls were totally right, the bus driver was a creeper). Got out in the rain, helped the drumline unload their crap (well, in theory. Chels & I stayed in the room talking to resident guard mama Ms. Laura and taking even more pictures. The girls got back and we decided to perform Andy Carp's rendition of Romeo & Juliet with Katrina & Gabby A filling in for the two lovers. If you want an idea of how that went, here's the link:
(I highly suggest it)

So after watching the drumline perform (which was awesome, good job to all), the guard went on. I thought it was a fantastic performance with a few minor drops, the judges put them in the low 60s, which I think is an insult to them. They got second place out of two (which is understandable, the guard they competed against is 3rd in the division, while at the time, Kymera was in 11th. They're now in 4th).

While the judging and other performances were going down (APEX was a highlight), we took the traditional ugly/crazy face pictures in the stands and waited to see how the guards did. We then got on the bus (again, with the creepy driver and the drumline) and had a dance party on the way over the Delaware Memorial Bridge (the Del Mem Br around our parts) and got home at an early 10:30 - keep in mind that we usually get home around midnight or later.
Oh, it was a good Saturday. Go check out my Facebook for more (or check out all of Michelle's videos).

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