Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Kristyne: hows it going?
Alex: Not bad, I have to interview people for the Ithacan in an hour. What about yourself?
Kristyne:pretty good. lots of work, but i get to kill demons later so its pulling me through
Alex: ...kill demons? Video games?
Kristyne:hahaha yes!
Alex: Good, I was confused there for a minute.
Kristyne: hahah. no i'm a secret exorcist
Alex: Kick ass.
You know it. I'm like Constantine. But better.
Alex: Awesome, because I heard there are ghosts that hang out in Bogart's TV lounge, and I would think those would get old when I'm trying to write a paper and they're reaping metaphysical havoc on my dorm.
Kristyne: Yeah, don't worry. Once I get there, they'll pee their ghostly pants and run away.
Alex: Do ghosts wear pants? Because I don't want ghoul piddle all over my carpet. Kaboom! alone doesn't get that out, you know.
Kristyne: No worries, its magical. Therefore it's magically removed with the powers I posses.
Alex: Oh, good. I don't think ResLife would appreciate stains on the carpet from dorm ghosts.
Kristyne: Well, what would they rather have? And are you serious about this ghost rumor?
Alex: About as serious as you are being a closet exorcist. Which is to say, not at all.
Kristyne: Oh, okay. Damn, I thought we could use that for our show next year.
Alex: Maybe. We could fake it.
Kristyne: I think that's what we're gonna do mostly.
Alex: Cool.
Kristyne: I can't wait for next year!
Alex: None of us can! I was talking to Autumn and Joanna the other day at lunch and they were psyched.
Kristyne: Yeah like we really all are
Alex: For sure.
Kristyne: If we put all of our excitement in a bomb, it could wipe out the entire world.
Alex Palombo
Russia would be nuking us right now if we dropped that bomb.
Like, Kim Jong Il would be like, "Shit, why didn't I have that bomb?"
Kristyne: Russia would be dead!
Alex: Russia would be no more.
Kristyne: We're weapons of the state.

I wanted to post the rest, because it was really really funny, but I fear that people might interpret it as a terroristic threat, and really, I love my college and I don't want to get either of us kicked out for a dumb joke misinterpreted as more. So if you really want to find out the rest, please, let me know.

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kfetsic said...

hahahah best conversation ever!!!!!!!