Monday, March 17, 2008

That's What Jesus Said.

Alex: So [my palm branch cross] is ghetto, and I cheated on Corinne's, and I totally missed the homily because I was wrestling with exotic tree leaves instead of listening to the word.
Alex: Reason #9847938 that I'm going to hell.
Alex: Reason #9847937 that I'm going to hell was me and Corinne stifling a giggle when father was reading the Passion and got to the part where the cock crowed.
Alex: At least I have my sis to keep me company in the raging inferno.
Alex: How's that makeup working?
*pregnant pause*
Alex: You're appalled, I can feel it.
Chelsea: You laughed about the cock crowing?
Chelsea: I don't get it.
Alex: Don't worry about it and move on.
Alex: How's the Happy Harry's makeup?
Chelsea: Were you two giries thinking cock as in anatomy and not as in fowl?
Alex: Perhaps.
Alex: Way to evade the make-up question.
Alex: (And she started it)
Alex: Little sisters, gosh they can be horrible.
Alex: See, that's why you don't go see Rocky Horror the night before Palm Sunday. It's problems waiting to happen.
Alex: And then you're tired all mass because you only got 3 hours of sleep, so really, everything at that point is funny when you're tired.
Chelsea: Well i mean if they're excited enough they kind of do....
Chelsea: But that is NOT what your pastor meant!!

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Anne said...

ok so when I read the part about the cock crowing I definitely laughed. a lot. and at the very end of the conversation I was cracking up. I could imagine how going to Rocky Horror before Palm Sunday service would be bad rofl.