Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bogart and Boys. Ooh La La.

So last night was the Top Chef gathering in Das Boothroyd, this time with less people (Hotel Cafe was performing downtown in the Commons, so Ryan, Danielle, Kelly, Anne, and others were there). This week it was just me, Kristyne, Joanna, and Autumn. The boys were there too, AJ, Brad, and another (whose name escapes me) were there for Ghost Hunters. There was some weirdness when Brad left, because he was really only there for 15 minutes (which is kind of a walk to be there that short of a time; Boothroyd is nice, but kind of isolated from the rest of the dorms). He left, started IMing Joanna, and we got back to watching Top Chef (and gossiping about boys, or our lack thereof).

We also got down to planning our plan of attack for picking rooms. Since we're all trying to live in the same dorm next year, we were picking out which room each of us would have. It doesn't seem like that huge of a deal, and normally, it wouldn't matter to me what room I get, so long as we're on the same floor (or at very very least, all in the same building). The situation is this: the dorm we're going for (Bogart) has two sides - one with a view of the parking lot, the other with a view of the lower quad (which is pretty nice, save for Friday and Saturday nights). So obviously, Kristyne & I are gunning for the side with the quad view (other you're facing the tennis court, Emerson, the parking lot, and the bus stop/cab stop). The other problem is if we all go for the same room, it slows up the system and then we'll all miss out. So if we settle which room we're going to try to get, there will be less hassle and more chance that we'll get it. Because we all know that Homer is a temperamental system, and the less we hassle him/it, the better chance we have.
There's also the concern of having enough rooms on the floor for all of us. I believe that there are 5 sets of girls in our group trying to get rooms (when there are 6 rooms left, and this is hoping that we pick soon enough. One set of girls already picked, because they do it by semesters and they had APs out the yin-yang). So having a set strategy is key. The boys don't have the same problem; there are less rooms for them, but there are really only 2 or 3 sets of guys going from our group onto this floor. And one set has already picked. So really, they have carte blanche.
Wish us luck!

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