Saturday, March 21, 2009

Better Than The Real Thing

When I started this blog, I started a list of things I really didn't want to talk about on it. That list eventually grew to encompass the vampire flick which shall not be named.

Twilight. There, I said it.

So when Kristyne and her friend from home Rachel heard about a contest to be in the next Twilight movie, they were all over it. The video had to be 1 minute, and really, it was intended to be more of a cheesy minute of interviewing about fangirls screaming about how hot Robert Pattinson is (which...ew).

Instead, they shot about an hour worth of footage of Rachel having vampire powers, including telling the future (me getting punched by Derek), having super strength (lifting Derek in one hand as he did a chin-up to the tree), reading minds (agreeing with Kristyne that I was ugly. I sense a theme, here), running super fast (with the aid of some slow shutter speed on the camera), and turning people to stone (with the aid of Derek's hat and a statue in the park). There's also the testimonials

The final cut is pretty damn funny, and I'll probably post that whenever Kristyne gets it to me. The directors' cut will be way funnier, but I always seem to have trouble uploading things to Blogger. So the one-minute cut will probably be the one you'll see. So stay tuned.

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