Monday, March 30, 2009

Men vs. Women: Is Moulin Rouge Basically Rent?

Tucker: the movie
Tucker: it's basically rent
Me: What is, Moulin Rouge?
Tucker: yeah
Tucker: just a century earlier and in france
Tucker: (90 years to be exact, but i carries the same sentiment)
Me: Except for fewer people and no AIDS.
Tucker: no AIDS, yes
Tucker: but
Tucker: the consumption
Tucker: which was like the AIDS back in the day
Tucker: you've got the cross-dressers, the bohemians, the love songs, the youthful and artistic optimism at the turn of the century in a huge, artistic metropolitan city
Tucker: there's a tango song scene, a burlesque/stripper song scene
Tucker: and a black guy
Tucker: the rich guy trying to take from them what they really want
Me: ...I don't think they were going for that comparison.
i certainly was
Tucker: only difference is
Tucker: i really like moulin rouge
Me: Because of the strippers?
Tucker: nah
Tucker: mostly because of the music
Tucker: the actors
Tucker: and the just ridiculous, over-the-top...well, everything
Tucker: really funny

Me: So Tucker says Moulin Rouge and Rent are basically the same. Your thoughts?
Brooke: um, no
Brooke: I haven't seen either, but I know that they are definitely not
Brooke: (my sis is a music major; nuff said)
Me: See, that's what I thought.
Brooke: rent is a bunch of poor gay people with aids --> moulin rouge is a guy trying to get with a sexy courtesan (right? or am I thinking wrong?)
Me: You're right.
Brooke: two words I like to hear
Brooke: Tucker. UR DOIN IT WRONG.

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