Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Ups to Delaware

In terms of television shout-outs, Delaware is a pretty lame place to live.

Usually, the towns the get mentioned are Los Angeles in shows like Alias and Entourage. There's usually a show in Miami, like CSI and Burn Notice. New York is constantly mentioned in shows like Dirty Sexy Money, Castle, Law & Order, The Real World, and a ton of others. New Jersey is used in dramas like The Sopranos and House. Every now and then, there's a San Francisco show like Eli Stone or Full House. But Delaware?

There are no shows there. Or movies. Usually, The Small Wonder is the butt of a joke. When it does get mentioned, it's for the military.

So I was watching The West Wing season 3 (you know, to catch up between seasons 2 and 4), and it turns out that in "The Black Vera Wang," Dover, Delaware is a target!

I know! No way! I mean, logically, it's targeted for Dover AFB, but still! It's important enough to get hit by people on TV, which means it's somewhat important!

Even more impressive? On the 30 Rock commentary in season 2, when Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond talk about how Alec Baldwin's character meets his girlfriend at an off-the-road OTB bar, it's in a town between DC and New York city called Hockessin (!!!!).

It's starting, everyone. Delaware is feeling the love.

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