Sunday, March 1, 2009

Slaughter Beach: The Movie?

I happened to stumble upon the Horror Movie's FAQ (no, legit, it came up from the StumbleUpon button on my toolbar). And it got me to thinking: what ever happened to that horror movie we joked about making in high school? We had the perfect plot and the perfect location!

Delaware, in case you didn't know, has some pretty awesome beaches, especially if you're gay. One of them happens to be named Slaughter Beach, after postmaster William Slaughter. Now, it's all well and good that it's named for the postmaster. But doesn't this just sound like a really terrible horror movie waiting to be made?

(Seriously, Dan Heffner, get on this!)

The idea was to have it after prom, and have the usual assortment of dumb teenagers and sluts on the beach celebrating their senior year or whatever, and have them all just brutally die on Slaughter Beach, because of some sort of legend of murder there. Rob was going to film it, and it just kind of never happened.

I'm just putting the idea out there. If someone uses it, I would like credit.

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