Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Vote for My Sister's Prom Dress

So I finally got to talk to my little sister today, and she told me that she was interested in a prom dress that she saw at David's Bridal. And yes, it is a little expensive. But I'm arguing for it.

First of all, jewel tones work for almost anyone, especially red. And with her coloring, with the blonde hair and more tan skin (well, tanner than mine, which isn't saying much) it will look very pretty.

Second, we're talking about wearing polka dots to prom. Which I'm all for, if I had found a good pattern like this, I would've worn it too! It's adorable, and it's just different enough to stand out.

Third, the belt. Very flattering, very cute, cinches everything in very nicely. The back laces up (I didn't do a picture of that one, there's only so much that Uncle Richard can photoshop).

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