Monday, March 16, 2009

For Journalists, We're Pretty Unobservant

My News I class and I fail at life. I blame it on re-entry discomfort following a pretty awesome spring break.

After waking up and looking at my clock with confusion (I'm still running on PST) because I forgot to set the clock forward an hour. So I'm really off time. I threw some clothes on, including this gem because really, I am on deadline.

Walked down to Park for News I class (probably the easiest ease into the morning class, because we don't do too much) and grab some OJ and a muffin. Say hi to Amanda, because she's there for News II. Walk in, sit down, shoot the breeze with everyone else there (not many people), and generally wonder where the heck our teacher is.

One of the other people in the class walks in about 10 minutes later with a sign that says that class is canceled. It was next to the door (you're supposed to put it on the door, but that's really not a good excuse) and about 10 of us missed it. Now keep in mind, everyone in that class wants to get into journalism somehow, which means you kind of have to be observant.

Which...we weren't.

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