Monday, March 23, 2009

The Mosh Post

So after finding a pretty close picture to what Zeus looked like when he was alive, I decided it was time to blog.

So yeah. Picture to the right. Kind of adorable.

Finally got to write my Facebook article, working on one about cheating cheaters who cheat at IC (if the guy every calls/emails back), and generally hoping that Relay for Life this weekend goes well.

By all means, everyone, please donate what you can. It's a fabulous cause, just go on the website and donate in my name (click here, and click donate. When it asks you to search, search for Alexandra Palombo. If it pops up with the team name "The Billie Jeans," that's us!). And by all means, chug an energy drink in my honor, because it's from 5 PM to 5 AM (because cancer doesn't sleep). It's a great cause, and it really could use more money donated. So whatever you have to give, please consider doing it.

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