Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Two Loves: Hugh Laurie & Compact Cars

Since I was editing this past Monday night, I unfortunately missed the first 15 minutes of House. Which usually wouldn't bother me much, because I don't really watch the show for the cases and the procedural. I watch it for the characters—primarily for House, Wilson, and Cuddy.

So I figured I would watch the first 15 minutes that I missed just to see the set up. Turns out they were like the 15 funniest minutes of it.

The show starts with a close-up on eyes, and my initial thought was either that A) this was the patient, or B) I was watching a Lost rerun.

But no, it turns out it was House putting something together with medical tape and tubing from an IV bag. I thought someone was hurt pretty severely. Because really, when an IV is involved, it's usually because the person is really really bad off or really really drunk.

Again, I was wrong. Turns out he was just making a homemade Hot Wheels track out of office supplies. Now this isn't the first time he's made entertainment out stuff in his office before. But this Hot Wheels track...

...this was better than the plastic one my sister had. It had tubing, it had loops, it had a plastic shark waiting to eat the car (or for it to jump the shark).

If only Cuddy hadn't caught the car at the end? Epic.

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