Saturday, March 7, 2009

California Dreamin'? California Bloggin'!

So day one of the Spring break adventure has begun.

Kristyne & I are currently sitting in Syracuse Hancock International Airport (the "International" makes it seem huge, but it's tiny, and it's only international because it provides flights to Canada) waiting for our flight to JFK at 4:40. Don't ask me the flight number, I don't know it.

After making our way through security (my worries that my belly-button ring would set off the alarm were for nothing, I was absolutely fine going through. Although Kristyne had some issues with her cameras at the first TSA point), we ended up here at the terminal waiting as the first passengers in those uncomfortable blue seats looking out the window at this baby little plane of Continental's.

The plan is that nothing bad will happen here (although it looks like it will pour any minute now on one side of the terminal), and we'll end up in "Frisco" by 11:15 PM, as Hilary refers to it. We dropped her off at Ithaca Airport on the way here.

This morning was pretty good. Cleaned up the room, watched as the kids down the hall got their asses fined by the RAs (Kaitlyn & Matt). We were allowed to leave up my beloved window paintings until we move out, and we locked up and went to Dunkin' Donuts for some flatbreads/bagels and coffee/hot chocolate (somewhere in Wilmington, Delaware, John Palombo is crying at his lack of Dunk's coffee).

So now we are here. If I have time, I'll make an entry from JFK. The chances of that are slim, because as I remember, we only have about an hour for layover.

And the first priority at JFK is to find a Chick-Fil-A, stat.

Oh, to add? The Wi-Fi here at Syracuse has firewalls. I tried to look up the Facebook of Genesis off of College Humor (would link it, but it wouldn't work, because of this sentence), and it said it was objectionable content. Kind of a bummer. Apparently,t his internet is family-friendly.

So lonely travelers? No porn here.

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