Monday, March 9, 2009

The Valsalva Maneuver: Redwoods & Santa Cruz

Here on Day 2 of the trip, we decided to head to the Redwoods and Santa Cruz. As we were winding up the hill/mountain, our ears started to pop and the following conversation ensued.

"To get your ears to pop, just hold your nose and blow gently. It increases the pressure in your ears, it's called the Valsalva Maneuver," says Uncle Richard.
"No it's not. The Valsalva Maneuer is when you bear down to take a dump," says Aunt Dori.

Kristyne decided to Cha-Cha it and sure enough, Uncle Richard was right (we found out later it actually can be either or). So that was the running joke through the redwoods, which...are huge. Seriously. One of the tallest ones was 271 feet high (which, the Statue of Liberty is 305'1"). After some fun jumping around the forrest and ducking under John Fremont's bed tree, we ended up back in the car to go to Santa Cruz.

We cruised the strip a little bit and made our first stop at Bad Ass Coffee (no joke, it's really called that!). Got myself a hot chocolate and a keychain to prove I was there, and then we took a trip down the strip. Found a book/record store that we took some fun record pictures in (including Joan Baez, my other one was Madonna). Looked in a few shops and came back home for dinner and planning tomorrow.

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