Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Endless Love: Cullen vs. Alpert

So as I was watching Lost tonight, I had a thought. A lot of girls I know have become obsessed with one Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). They like his protectiveness of Bella, his greasy bedhead, his eyes, the stubble, etc. In real life, they like Robert Pattinson's British accent.

Now I agree, the immortality thing is kind of hot. He's lived, he has wisdom and experience, and he has something of a baby face. But when I think of sexy immortals, I'm not usually thinking of this greasy mug. My first thought usually is David Boreanaz on Angel (my fellow Parkie!). And then I think of a very sexy immortal, also of questionable morals and age: Richard Alpert.

So he guy-lines. Whatever. I have a thing for tall dark and handsome. And the fact that he knows how to properly use make-up isn't completely off-base or a turn off. Richard Alpert has a few advantages over Edward Cullen. He's not a vampire, which would not work for some girls. But Alpert lives on a beautiful island, which his girlfriend would presumably visit. He seems to be indestructible, so that's good. He's physically attractive. And if it doesn't work out, he's surrounded by good looking men that are willing to date outside their pool (because really, Sawyer can only get with Kate so many times, and Juliet seems to accept her role as second fiddle).

Advantage? Dharma's own. Sorry, Eddie.

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