Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bogart Is A 3rd World Country

So the Future Directors of America ("Minus one!" yells Kristyne) & I went to dinner tonight and on our way we saw this massive puddle taking up the quad. We also saw a leaking pipe, a Public Safety truck, and a ton of caution tape surrounding Landon. Bad news.

We get to dinner and I see Matt (RA for Landon/our boy), Bethany (RA from Bo-Basement), and Kaitlyn (RA from downstairs) together. I asked them what's wrong, and they tell me the water main has broken, and Landon, Bogart, and Clarke are without water.

We run into Joanna and Zac in the hallway on the way back from dinner. Joanna freaks out and Zac just shakes his head and says he already knew, because he tries to take a shower. I go back to my room as he plans campus domination with his stolen water supply. He advises me to kill my fish and drink that water, which...ew.

I later find out from a very distraught Kristyne "I'm gonna bust a cap" Fetsic that Park is also without water. Which sucks, because my first class tomorrow morning is in there. We then have the following conversation.

"So I know there's a water main break. But can there be, like, a water minor?" asks Kristyne.
"Yeah. They're called pipes," I answered.

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