Thursday, February 12, 2009

Creepier Than That McCain Impersonation

He's the go-to man for political impersonations on late night sketch comedy shows. And for good reason, too, his Bill Clinton is hi-larious. But on top of his record-breaking run on Saturday Night Live, Darrell Hammond has also picked up a side job as hired thug Walker, the resident creeper on Damages.

If this role seems easy, don't be fooled. It takes a lot to be the creepiest character on that show. I mean, it's a show starring Glenn Close. To be the most disturbingly creepy takes a great actor.

The show itself is kind of hard to explain, so to put it simply, I'll just say it's a show about a corrupt lawyer and her protege with a ton of plot twists and a large amount of murder. The story-telling style...let's just say this show is the Lost of legal dramas.

How creepy is he, you ask? Observe him as he watches someone get a massage.

Maybe it's because there are no cue cards that his delivery just oozes of sketch.

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