Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chase, Please Pack Your Knives and Go

In case you don't know, I generally love reality shows that showcase people with actual talent. I also generally love shows that feature cattiness after photo shoots and douchebags that refuse to change.

In short, I'm a fan of both Bravo VH1.

So when my very reliable show biz insider (let's call her Laura) told me that Jeff McInnis was kicked off of Top Chef during the Superbowl Challenge, I was heartbroken. The Miami chef was relatively modest when it came to his abilities, which were actually pretty impressive. And being "relatively modest" on this show is downright humble usually, especially when you compare McInnis's ego to that of Stefan Richter.

The boy had skills. He could make a delicious sugar free desert. He could make a Middle Eastern dish worthy of the today show. He made Kathy Lee Gifford look like a 3-year-old on national television for spitting out that Middle Eastern dish. He could even keep his highlighted Miami blonde locks looking fabulous behind the burner.

But perhaps most important, he helped score Top Chef some ratings by fooling viewers into thinking that House's Jesse Spencer was a chef-testant.

So to you, Jeffrey McInnis, we salute you. Pack up your knives and go. To the FOX network.

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