Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why Don't You Go Back To Your Home on Whore Island?!

So my roommate Kristyne has a theory.

At the start of the last season, she started to think that Kate on Lost was, well...a slut. According to Kristyne, Kate is as follows:

"She's like 'Omigod Jack, Omigod Sawyer, Omigod let's have sex..."

This usually ended in her yelling "WHOOOOOOOOOOORE!" at the television screen last season.

So I would like to know if others share this point of view. Or if there are other far more slutty characters on TV that could be sent to this mysterious Whore Island.


Platinum said...

Cleopatra from Clone High is a gigantic whore. Granted it is a cartoon show, but she still counts.
Also, its Platinum from CSW, if you didnt guess. Feel free to read my blog as well.
Its not quite as funny as yours I will admit.

David Pizzuto said...

My roommate agrees with Kristyne, I've never seen the show myself.