Sunday, February 15, 2009

No One Can Resist His Schweddy Balls

I vote that Alec Baldwin hosts more often.

He's hosted a ton of times before (as 30 Rock costar Jack McBreyer joked about during his opening monologue this past week) and is one of the few guest hosts that has his own "Best of SNL" DVD, which clearly tells you something.

Last night, he decided to make the Cougar Den even funnier with Cameron Diaz for the assist. He also did an acting lesson with the Ominous Cough. He became the fourth Jonas Brother. He even thanked Christian Bale for taking the heat off of his own horrible rant at his daughter.

The best moment of the night, however (aside from Sir Mix-A-Lot's Photo Shop) was the Wii sketch.

And I can't believe this, but the Jonas Brotheres' girly tendencies really paid off for the Digital Short this week. Seeing them in Bret Michaels wear was pretty fucking funny.

Although nothing can beat the Delicious Dish from a few years back...

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